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Scott & Theresa
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two of a kind

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Scott & Theresa

For the last 30 years, Scott Thierauf has worked as a 3D generalist, handling model-creation, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting & technical direction. He has won many local, regional and national awards for concept, design and animation work on broadcast spots, corporate videos, VFX, music videos and short subjects. When he's not designing or animating, Scott can be found doing other stuff such as collecting thumbtacks and getting super-good at sportsball.

Theresa Bruce has spent the last 16 years honing her skills as an award-winning triple-threat: first, as an editor, telling short-form and feature-length stories that enlighten, entertain and persuade. Second, as a motion graphics designer, creating compelling visuals that instruct and captivate. And, third, as an incredible VFX artist, making magic on every frame. Theresa spends her free time hiding thumbtacks and occasionally letting Scott win at sportsball.

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